Welcome to Masjid Al-Islam of Dallas

We greet all of you with the words, As-Salaum Alaikum, peace be unto you. Masjid Al-Islam is an Islamic Community, which proclaims in word and deed the universal message of Al-Islam, that there is one God and one human family.


As you may be aware, tomorrow Sat. May 16, 2009 is our 4th Annual "Day of Dignity" humanitarian event. We will be working all day today to finish preparations for the event. We need volunteers to come to Masjid Al Islam, 2604 S. Harwood, Dallas 75215 to help prepare the hygiene kits, pack clothes in boxes, and load the 18-wheeler truck we have to take the goods to the site tomorrow. Tomorrow, we are asking that volunteers come to Masjid Al-Islam by 8:30am to register and to help with the site set-up. You may park at the Masjid and be shuttled over. Those coming later can also do the same or you can drive directly to the site at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, 2902 MLK Blvd., Dallas 75201. The registration will be in the volunteer center (Senior Center room) at MLK. ALL PERSONS VOLUNTEERING FOR THE EVENT MUST BE SIGNED IN AND REGISTERED. Volunteers will be given t-shirts. For security reasons, no one will be allowed to volunteer unless they are registerd. Volunteer T-shirts (2009 edition) are not to be given to "beneficiaries" of the even for any reason. Again, this is for security reasons. We have purchased plain white t-shirts for beneficiaries. There is rain in the forecast for Saturday afternoon, but the possibility exists throughout the day. We are planning to have this event unless there is severe weather. We will have a tent and preparations are being made to make adjustments in the event of inclimate weather. All are encouraged to bring a "rain poncho" or rain coat. Ponchos can be purchased at the "Dollar Stores" for a few dollars, and they usually come with a hood. We are excited about tomorrows event and we look forward to seeing you there. Please forward this email to your groups. JAK. ASA.

Mustafaa Carroll