Breif History

The Dallas Masjid started out as Mosque #48 on Forest Avenue around 1968. Minister Isaiah Kareem served as Imam from approximately 1968-1975. Imam Yusuf Shaw served as Imam from 1975 to 1977. Imam Lee G. Bilal served as Imam in 1977 to approximately 1979. Several people were instrumental in the move of Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam to the Westmoreland location. Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam moved from the Westmoreland location to 2604 S. Harwood in April 1980 when the property was purchased by Imam W. D. Muhammad. The dedication ceremony was held in May, 1980 with Imam W. D. Muhammad present.

The following brothers served as Imams at the Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam at the Harwood location: Imam Qasim Ahmed (1979-1982), Imam Yahya Abdullah (1982-2001), Imam Muhammad Shakoor (2001-2003) and the current Imam now serving is Imam Khalid Shaheed (June 27, 2004).

Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam became Masjid-Al-Islam in 2002. Some of the historical events and major events of which Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam or Masjid Al-Islam was a part of are:

1979 - Began Dawah at Churches and Interfaith gatherings
1983 – Establishment of full time Sister Clara Muhammad School
1988 - Establishment of African American Men Against Narcotics, Inc.
(AAMAN) by members of the Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam.
1997 – 1st Annual Youth Conference hosted by Dallas/Ft. Worth Masjids.
1998 – Future Global Trends for the 21st Century
1999 – Thanksgiving Square World Assembly